Head Brewer

Avling Brewhouse and Kitchen is looking to hire a full-time, experienced, and passionate head brewer with a strong background in professional brewing.    

Opening summer 2018, Avling will feature a 20hl brewhouse and 85-seat restaurant serving exceptional and experimental beer and food that showcase Canadian flavours and ingredients.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Management of raw materials, including ordering, stock control and rotation, forecasting, and evaluation.
  • Recipe research and development with priority given to uniquely local flavours and consistent improvement. This will include long-term projects such as barrel fermentation and ageing, souring, and bottle conditioning.
  • All aspects of brewhouse operation including water treatment, wort production, yeast management, fermentation control and documentation, vessel CIP, beer transfer, fining and filtration and packaging.
  • Laboratory work including viable cell counts, force fermentation tests, sterile sample collection, growth media inoculation, autoclave operation and yeast propagation.
  • Creation and implementation of rigorous QC/QA and sensory programs, production SOPs and brewery safety standards

As we expand, areas of responsibility will come to include assembly, training and management of the brewing team and coordination with offsite warehouse and distribution channels.   

The ideal Candidate will have…

  • 4+ years of brewing experience, ideally with some time spent in a management role
  • Formal brewing education or a similarly applicable postsecondary degree
  • Attention to detail and desire to work for a company that always strives to produce a better product than it did the day before
  • Strong written and oral communication skills as well as a familiarity with Word and Excel
  • An interest in local food systems 

Please tells us about any other relevant skills you may have such as: languages, programming, mechanical or construction experience, etc.    

At Avling, we want to produce the best beer and food possible, and believe that can only be done by passionate people who are excited and motivated to come to work everyday. We hope to create a work environment that is highly creative and collaborative, open, inclusive and accepting.

Please submit your resume by Friday, May 4th to info@avling.ca. Include “Head Brewer” in the subject line.